Going Green Can Save You Money on Home Energy Costs

July 6, 2013 By admin

It’s increasingly easy to save money on energy costs by adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. The groundwork was laid by fringe movements who were dismissed by most of mainstream America. Their efforts have made concepts such as reducing carbon footprints, recycling, and urban gardening part of most Americans daily lives. Many people want to start living a greener lifestyle, but aren’t sure where to start.

You don’t have to go off the grid to make your lifestyle more sustainable and reduce energy costs. There are lots of small changes that can result in real savings and a more eco-friendly household. One of the first steps is to compare energy costs in your area. Residents of New York can go to Try Here to compare energy providers in the area. Many areas now have multiple types of energy available, whether that be hydroelectric, nuclear or wind energy. Knowing which types are available to you will assist you as you make short and long term changes in your home to reduce energy costs.

Appliances are one of the biggest energy drains in a home. Once you have determined which energy provider you want to work with you can start to replace old appliances with newer, more energy efficient machines that use the type of energy you want to work with. Although the initial cost of replacing appliances may be significant, the long term savings are equally significant. You will also want to consider not replacing appliances that are unnecessary. Smaller households sometimes find that they do not really need a dryer, but instead use a drying rack or clothesline. Others may find that the microwave is dispensable with just a little more planning ahead.

Indoor climate control is another area where small changes can make a big difference. Consider having an expert on energy efficiency come out and inspect your home. If you cannot have an expert do the inspection, look yourself for drafts around windows and door, and use what you have available to block them off. If you feel there is significant loss around thin windowpanes it may be helpful to use window sheeting to insulate the glass more efficiently. Even simply pulling the blinds on a hot sunny day will help keep the indoors cooler and reduce energy use by the air conditioner.

Saving energy by living sustainably is a process, not an event. Instead of thinking in terms of drastic and expensive change, start by becoming more aware of energy costs in your home. Once you become more tuned into how and when you use energy you will become better able to determine where you can make cutbacks that are right for you.

Composting Ideas For Apartment And Condo Dwellers

May 27, 2013 By admin

Composting is not just for the rural farmer anymore. People from many different types of living situations are starting to realize how beneficial composting is. Composting is easy if you have the space to do it, but what about people who live in urban apartments and condos?

Composting is still possible in a small living situation. It just takes a little more creativity.

Look around your place and figure out where you can put one. Do you have a balcony? A little extra closet space? An unused kitchen cabinet? Choose a (more…)

The Health Benefits Of Growing Your Own Organic Garden

May 23, 2013 By admin

Many individuals are growing organic gardens for different reasons. Some of these reasons include trying to save money and to lessen the amount of time they have to spend driving to the store to get fresh fruits and vegetables. However, one of the bests reasons to grow an organic garden are the health benefits of it. There are a few ways that a person can benefit from eating food that they grow in their own organic garden.

Better Nutrition

Fruits and vegetables grown in organic gardens tend to have more nutrients and minerals. This can be (more…)

Start A Recycling Program At Work

May 21, 2013 By admin

Offices tend to generate a great deal waste that includes products like paper, plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, and glass juice bottles. Instead of sending all of those recyclable products to the landfill, start an office recycling program. Below are several tips can help your coworkers get into environmentally sound habits at work.

Begin by placing item-specific bins in all of the common areas of the workplace. Paper, cardboard, glass, and cans should all have their own containers. Each bin should look (more…)

Build A Greenhouse From Plastic Drink Bottles

May 19, 2013 By admin

Recycling plastic drink bottles into something useful is one way to join the green movement. Use them to build a greenhouse so that you can grow fresh vegetables and fruits all winter long. Gather the bottles and wash them thoroughly. Allow to dry completely and attach the caps. Store them until you have enough.

Build a frame from 1-by-4′s that you can handle yourself without too much trouble. You can lay bottles on their sides or (more…)

A Quick History Of Electric Cars

May 15, 2013 By admin

The history of motor-vehicles that made use of battery power rather than gasoline might come as quite the surprise for those who know little of this matter. Some of the first cars were designed to run on electricity, and were able to offer comparable power, range and performance to their earliest gas-driven counterparts. Electric cars soon fell out of vogue, giving rise to the conventional gasoline and disease vehicles that have dominated the industry for well over a century. Recent demand for cleaner technology (more…)